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New Arrival Boom Vape Tank Shadow III

Time:2018-01-09 Views:367
Shadow series tanks have been for its appearance and strong performance by the majority of steam enthusiasts,and the rest of the model into another new Shadow III vape tank is quite worth waiting for. In addition to continuing the charactertistics of Shadow series: super smoke, delicate taste, the heating area of atomized core is large, but aslo add new design: nickel mesh heating wire, so that the atomized core is more uniform in heating, not hot mouse. it uses a much larger cylindrical glass tube with a 6ML super capacity. At the same time, the number of airflow intakes increased to three, and the air intake can be adjusted at any time to bring the smoke experience.

New design : Unlike the ordinary atomizer, Shadow III has adopted a convex glass, which compared with the normal cylindrical tube, has greatly increased the capacity of the smoke oil to make the appearance highly similar.
Unique Drip Tip : Shadow III with a 12mm special drip tip, perfect for the mouth, different from the previous drip tip, without the need to wring, simply press down to complete the installation, the air that can bring more large air, and provide a better vaping experience.
Patented Looking Mechanism : Shadow III has patented locking button on its top cap, simply rotate it then move it counterclockwise you can open the cape. Besides, this design can effectively avoid accidently opening of top cap and leaking of e-juice.

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